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When the Apple App Store launched in 2008, so did we. Since then we have built over a hundred apps for enterprise, global brands and startups. We take pride in what we do: our apps boast robust code, user-friendly interface and impeccable UX.


among top
mobile developers
for 8 years in a row
(Tagline Rating 2014-2019)
in top mobile app
design developers
(Runet Rating 2015-2019)
mobile developer
for the largest
corporate clients
(Runet Rating 2019)
in best mobile
application developers
rating by tagline
awards for the best
mobile projects
(Golden App, Tagline Awards, Runet Rating, EDA 2018-2019)
for the best design
project in app category
for Codewards
(European Design awards 2018)
certified agency
of Google Agency Program
in digital companies rating
by best in digital
digital solutions
developer for business
and government agencies
(CNews 2018)

The Team

From the early days we're trying to recruit the most talented and motivated guys and girls, who are ready to meet the highest professional standards and who have a burning desire to make the best products on the market. Today our team of 600+ people is ready to work with clients around the globe.


From start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, we bring our experience across mobile devices and platforms. We have worked with Samsung, Ford, LUKOIL, Procter & Gamble, Xerox, ABBYY and many more.


They not only follow the instructions and make what was written, but they work on their own, we are proud of their work.
Our expectations were met very nicely; the design was superb and the programming was also done perfectly that resulted in very high conversions in our sales.
Aside from development work, they're also helping us improve our internal resources. In other words, they're not only doing their job, but are also helping us do our jobs better. This makes Redmadrobot not only a developer, but also a real partner for us.
I think the way they helped us analyze our goals was very effective. They really helped us understand what we were trying to do. They even helped us understand things we didn’t even know we needed.
Their design expertise is phenomenal, and it was one of the main reasons we chose them. They’re reliable. If they say they’ll do something in a given time frame, they always do it.
They’re great to  work with. Every interaction is just great, from the account management team [and] the developers to  the management. As professionals [and] as individuals, these people are just pleasant to  work with.
Quality of experience,
Quality of Application
and ease of user experience.
They approach development of your app as if it was their own. They put their heart and soul into it.
The Robots are a remarkable, advanced team of innovative developers that relate to us as a bona fide partner working by our side.
I don’t mean to create the impression that we recommend Redmadrobot as a developer and nobody else. But from an objective standpoint, Redmadrobot does make quality products.

Why Redmadrobot?

We have a laser focus on mobile and know how to build an app that answers the client’s business needs.
7 years on the mobile app market and over 100 apps published
Our production technology and QA driven development approach lets us keep bugs to a minimum from the outset and allows us to deliver solutions quickly
Usability-centered design is key to building a great app. Robust code is a basic hygienic condition
Dedicated team
Your project will have a dedicated team of people who will work on it all day and think about it all night
You can count on round-the-clock level three or two support in line with the SLA
Redmadrobot has been on the market since 2008 and delivers on its commitments to clients and partners
Number 1
Our expertise has been verified by our clients and corroborated by multiple ratings and research agencies