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Testing is not (only) search bugs

Head of QA Redmadrobot Marina Kulikova argues about testers and “monkeys”

Designing habit-forming products

How to make a product people will keep coming back to (hint: monkeys and juice are involved), and what you invest in Instagram — the Robots’ art director, Zhenya Bondarev, talks about how to manage people without drawing attention to yourself.

2018 European Design Awards: Gold

Codewards, an educational platform for teaching children the basics of programming, won a gold medal in the Digital category at the 2018 European Design Awards. This was the first time a Russian edtech product won at the EDA and the third time Redmadrobot ascended the podium.

Quality of construction: how does the QA (quality assurance) of Redmadrobot work

How can we rate the product’s goodness, check all the bugs and spots. Why do we need testers, when there is no code and what the reason of Crimea – says the Head of QA robots department – Marina Kulikova.

What’s New: Material Design

Google I/O 2018 gave us a lot to mull over. What’s new? What’s next? Is my app out of date? Can buttons be six-sided? Are designers obsolete? It’s best to mull things over at a gentle pace, in little bites. This little bite is on design.

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