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Designing habit-forming products

How to make a product people will keep coming back to (hint: monkeys and juice are involved), and what you invest in Instagram — the Robots’ art director, Zhenya Bondarev, talks about how to manage people without drawing attention to yourself.

What’s New: Material Design

Google I/O 2018 gave us a lot to mull over. What’s new? What’s next? Is my app out of date? Can buttons be six-sided? Are designers obsolete? It’s best to mull things over at a gentle pace, in little bites. This little bite is on design.

Important factors of a mobile app development company

So you start your search for someone to help you create a mobile app, but you’re immediately confronted with a huge variety of options.

How to choose a mobile app development company

So you’ve decided that you need a mobile app. Your business has reached the point where a mobile solution can take you to the next level, and you’re looking forward to the possibilities that a fully functional mobile app can afford you. You might be coming from a start-up, small business, or massive enterprise, but your target is the same- a product which functions to develop your business.

Designing mobile app architecture

Number one sign of bad design: the presence of a ‘God’-object, the name of which contains ‘Manager’, ‘Processor’ or ‘API’

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