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John Appleseed: Interview

John A., the name has been changed to protect the person’s confidentiality
How could one reach a success in the App Store?

The success of app is based around three major areas:

1. Value to the User
The higher the value to the user of an application the more the user will want to use the application. In any application across any genre, the value to the user should always be put above anything else. Applications should be simple and easy to use in a mobile environment. Successful applications are fast, easy to read and provide information quickly, An example of this simplicity is the weather application. Always think about the user and what he wants rather than what you want - they may be different.

2. Quality of the application
Once we have worked out why a user will need the application we need to make sure that the application is of a high quality. There are a large number of applications but not all applications are of a high quality and it is seldom that low quality or average applications make it big.

There are a number of things that go into making a high quality application. Simple and easy User Interface, A great user experience with easy navigation are just the starting point. People don't want to wait for data to load, so clean efficient programming of the the application are key. Once these have been carefully looked into making sure that the on screen graphics are crisp and clean and the colours work are start of the final polishing. Once you think you have things all laid out testing the application on people unfamiliar with the app is always an interesting learning experience and if they don't get it first time or spend time waiting… maybe it is time to relook at the cycle again.

3. Marketing around the applications
The final step is often the most tricky. Getting the mix right is always a very difficult balancing act. Moving the different levers of Advertising, PR and Marketing can be tricky and often requires a fine touch. Make sure that the marketing of the application is always ready to trigger when the app is ready — getting them lined up and ready to go at the same time.

Really great apps are driven by user showing or talking about the app to their friends — This Virality drives apps up the charts faster than anything else and is a combination of a get user need, a high quality user experience in a high quality application and a good marketing push to get the first few users going.

What is the secret of an awesome application?
Quality of experience, Quality of Application
and ease of user experience.
Please, give an advice to our clients.
Always think about the user experience
rather than what the company wants from an Application.