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Kate T., OnPoint Mobile: Interview

Kate T., Executive at OnPoint Mobile
Please describe your company.
We provide digital services for the pharmaceutical industry. We do marketing presentations for sales forces from several of these companies. We are located in Moscow.
What are your role and responsibilities?
I’m an executive.
What was your goal in working with Redmadrobot?
A few years ago, we had a project for a European pharmaceutical company where we needed an interactive presentation for their sales force. They needed to have a system to show their presentation to various potential customers and to collect statistics. Also, they needed a mobile app, which they could use to plan their visits and look for the optimal way of getting from one doctor to another. The system, which Redmadrobot helped us develop, can show presentations and collect specific data on which slides were most effective.
Please describe the scope of their work.
They created everything from the architecture to the final look. They created the business logic of the system. They helped us identify the needs of the sales forces and the business needs of the marketing companies.
What was your process in selecting Redmadrobot with which to work?
We tried to find the best agency we could in Russia. We talked with at least 10 different companies. When we came to Redmadrobot, we saw that they had a more systematic and broader approach than the others. We were on the same wavelength, so we decided to partner with them. They gave us realistic timelines and helped us to set goals for our project.
Can you provide a ballpark figure for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?
We’ve spent about two million rubles [approximately $32,500] working with Redmadrobot.
When was the project completed?
Within four months, we had successfully completed the product, and the sales forces were using it in their fieldwork.
What were the results of the project?
For us, it was a great project, because they helped us understand the scope of the work that we didn’t understand before. For the pharmaceutical companies that use the system, the project was very successful. Those companies still use the system, which shows its effectiveness. We also have information from one company that shows an increase of 40 percent in the sales force's work after the system was implemented. We still work with that company because Redmadrobot had done such a good job for us.
Is there anything unique about Redmadrobot that really makes them stand out compared to other companies?
I think the way they helped us analyze our goals was very effective. They really helped us understand what we were trying to do. They even helped us understand things we didn’t even know we needed.
What advice would you give a future client of theirs?
Do not over analyze your project. Just trust Redmadrobot to think things through with you.
We ask you to rate Redmadrobot on a scale of one to five, with five being the top score. What would you give them out of five for the quality of their work??
For schedule, as in being on time and meeting deadlines?
For cost, as in value for your money and sticking with the original estimates?
For the overall score?
How likely are you to recommend Redmadrobot to a colleague, out of five?
Five. I’ve already done that and will continue to do so.