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AlfaInsurance Mobile
Streamlined insurance, from emergency assistance to managing claims and policies

This app is your personal assistant, that will be a trusty keeper of the knowledge about all your insurance policies and will always come to your aid in case of emergency.

Emergency communication with the insurance company from wherever you are:

  • call to operator
  • dial-back call
  • comprehensive insurance event guide library

Personal account:

  • universal storage for any insurance policy in a single app (CNC, SMC, travel & passenger insurance, property)
  • record and reminding about expiration/renewal date
  • policy duration period

Insurance claim:

  • interactive on-site claim execution guide
  • remote repairs authorization
  • without a visit to the company office


  • doctor home visit / health institution entry (from the list of available within supplemental medical care policy)
  • information about the insurance company offices on the map with geolocation
  • loss adjustment status notifications
  • non-authorized access to SOS function and login with password