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Otrkitie Bank
Mobile & web banking apps and digital transformation

Client — One of Russia’s leading core banks. It ranks sixth by Tier 1 capital among the banks of Central and Eastern Europe.

— we started from developing a mobile banking app, that brought the client to one of the leading banks in digital,
— later we developed web business portal for entrepreneurs,
— designed web portal for brokers & beginning investors,
— then we moved on to a strategic digital partnership and helped the client with digital channels transformation.

Mobile banking app allows bank’s customers to:
— manage cards and accounts,
— take out loans,
— transfer money,
— make instant payments,
— open and close deposit accounts right from their phones,
— pay via Apple Pay / Google Pay,
— unlock services with fingerprints or Face ID,— exchange currencies,— contact support via online chat and much more.

— 96,9% usability index;
— 92,8% user satisfaction index;
— Zero critical vulnerabilities after the app test (a security audit by HP Fortify did not identify a single critical vulnerability in 37,225 lines of code).
— The app was named the "Best Mobile Bank" by Global Finance in 2017;
— The mobile app became finalist of European Design Awards 2019;
— The bank has become more flexible in the digital sphere.

Otkritie for Brokers

The platform gives beginning traders access to the bank’s analytical reports and forecasts and let them invest in securities, even if they don’t have specialized knowledge of the financial market.

— we created the overall design concept,
— we thought through the main user scenarios,
— designed the UX and UI in such a way that beginning investors could understand complex instruments.

— Monitor market dynamics,
— Monitor and discover companies’ key indicators,
— Monitor the movements of funds on investors’ accounts in form of infographics,
— Make decisions about purchases of particular securities,
— Determine the optimal sum and term of investments,
— Monitor the efficacy of the investments.

Case: Mobile banking app redesign