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Mobile App Development

We have been on the front line of mobile development for years and have seen it transform everything from personal behavior to industry trends. We build mobile apps for businesses that embody this change.


Interface design

Having the best team of interface designers has always been our strongpoint. This is why we create interface designs to order instead of creating apps using client designs.

We solve business tasks by creating user-friendly interfaces. Our products are easy on the eye, but aesthetics are fourth on our list of priorities.


We create apps from scratch, as our team of mad scientists loves nothing more than attacking a problem from multiple angles, constantly reviewing and updating processes and assumptions to boost efficiency.

From the initial idea to the finished product, the engineering process is done with a clear vision of the business goals and functions. This ensures that the app doesn't just meet the client's expectations, but exceeds them.

Software Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing is one of the key stages of program development. A high quality end product is not possible without sound quality assurance. All development companies carefully structure their approach to testing when they are establishing a robust and careful production process. Integrating testing into every phase of production — from project analysis and planning to final delivery — is particularly important.

Support & Maintenance

Sensational apps aren’t created at the drop of a hat — they come about thanks to long term evaluation of metrics and user behaviors combined with structured, incremental improvement of properties and functionality. We support apps through their entire lifecycle, including warranty and post-warranty periods, up to their disposal.

Where necessary, we can provide round-the-clock level three or two technical support in line with our SLA.